About me

Hi, my name is Jenny, the creator of jennyisbaking. I have always liked to bake. When I was a teenager, I spent hours in the kitchen creating the most complicated gateaux wearing down our poor hand mixer. I still enjoy creating complicated recipes for special occasions, but I have realized that usually the simple and easy recipes are much more my style.

Photo by Daniel Cuervo

I am German, happily married to a Colombian, currently living in the north of Germany in Hamburg. When I was small, we lived in the United States for three years and I spent a year in Canada after highschool, for that reason you may find a mix of recipes here, they range from German classics to Colombian secrets and are interspersed with North American treats.

One thing I love, regardless of country or origin, are cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite. Cookies sadly don’t play a very dominant role in German baking except during Advent time in December (we even have a special name for these cookies, they are called Plätzchen whereas everyday cookies are Kekse). So many of my cookie recipes will be American. I also love chocolate and all things chocolate. Apart from cookies and chocolate, I like pies, especially with fresh fruit.

I feel that there are so many good recipes out there, there is no need for me to develop new ones. However, I usually change the recipe to my liking and like to try it several times before posting it on the blog. If you feel you know a simple recipe for me, feel free to email me. I am always happy to test and try new recipes.

This blog is not only about food, but also about photography. I love to take pictures even though I still have a lot to learn. When my husband decided to give me a mirrorless camera a few years ago, I had no clue what ISO and speed shutter meant. The good thing about taking pictures of baked goods is that I have all the time of the world to move it around and try as many shots as are needed until I am satisfied.

If my pictures make you drool and you run to the kitchen to actually bake one of the recipes, my mission was accomplished.

Photo by Daniel Cuervo

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